Santa Claus’s Home in Montecatini

babbo natale


In Montecatini, a small town in the heart of Tuscany, away from the hustle of big cities, from the 15th November to the 6th January 2014 you can visit a stunning reproduction of Santa Claus’s home.

Clowns, puppet shows, jugglers, face painting and elves are waiting for you at the home of Santa Claus located in the castle of Terme Tamerici.

Children will also have the chance to write a letter with a wish list and deliver it to the Elf postmen who uses a special machine to send it directly to Santa Claus.

A real wood lab, where children can build a real wooden toy with the help of skilled craftsmen, and even a playdough workshop, to knead, shape and create whatever you like.

And for those who are curious to meet little Santa’s helpers,the Village of the Elves where you can play and have a lot of fun, in a magic, carefree, unreal atmosphere.

Opening times and entrance fees

Open every day from 10 am to 21 pm


Adults € 7,00

Children € 6,00
(including labs)

Shows € 3,00
Chocolate Tasting € 3,00


The Prehistoric Park of Peccioli


Children, if you come to Peccioli,don’t forget to visit it..! You will enjoy it !

The Prehistoric is a leisure park with more than twenty with life-size reconstructions of dinosaurs and it’s waiting for you to offer a pleasant walk and a fascinating journey back in time!

This is an opportunity for families, to spend a light-hearted day between nature and prehistory, and for schools to combine education, interest and enjoyment.

But how did the idea to build this Park?

The idea came to a circus performer, Erardo Ghironi, no longer young, who decided to retire from life on tour. The site chosen for “stop”, was right the villa of Peccioli where, with the advice of some relatives, he bought two acres of vineyard and built a house for himself and his two sons.

With the desire to seek or why not “invent” a job that would pay back the activities of the traveling show, exhausting but rewarding, Erardo and his sons realized that their land that was full of fossil shells, strange footprints, fossilized remains: concrete signs of the evolution of nature from prehistory to the present that right there, even on their own vineyard, had left its mark so obvious.
From that discovery came the idea to show these little treasures of the past, and to enrich with an itinerary of reconstruction that was both scientifically relevant and effective for the teaching, characterized by evocative, spectacular style because these is the distinctive feature of the circus.
Erardo, Guido and Gian Paolo Ghironi, decided to capitalize on this insight and in a few months they had already built the first five prehistoric animals.
It was 1977: the Prehistoric Park  was born in Peccioli, thirteen years before the book Jurassic Park by Crichton and sixteen years before homonymous film by Spielberg.

Over the years, the two brothers have refined their technique to the construction of models and today the park has more than twenty replicas including a nice volcano that erupts colored balls and full-scale reproduction of Jurassic Brachiosaurus, at the moment, the greatest dinosaur rebuilt in Europe.




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Peccioli, the Christmas Fairyland in Valdera

fiabesque4 ” Once upon a time, there was a castle perched on the Pine Tree hilltop.

On top of the castle’s  tower there was a beautiful natural garden, the playground of rare and colorful butterflies invading the castle every spring time. The narrow winding roads scented of freshly baked bread and sweet pastry and the bell tower stroke the hours of peaceful and joyful days.

The castle was inhabited by nice people living in little houses made of bricks and ceramics and terracotta floor.

The children living there were all well-behaved, educated and good at school…but one day something very strange happened!

The sun did not rise, the bell tower stopped, all the little houses were dimly lit with shades of blue, yellow and pink and all the inhabitans found themselves  turned into elfs and fairies…”


Fiabesque:  the most real Fairyland, in Peccioli at Christmas.

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Discover Peccioli treasure here

Children play at Elisa’s, in Lajatico.

palloncini In Valdera, children have a special place to have fun thanks to the joyful activities organized by Elisa at Agriturismo Bellavista located in the quiet village of Lajatico….

what?!quiet?!Lajatico is not quiet at all in July when Bocelli performes at teatro del Silenzio, right underneath Bellavista swimming pool!

Well,ok, besides July, Lajatico is a quiet medieval charming hamlet and here Elisa organizes at Bellavista playful activities for children during winter afternoons. She calls clowns and story-tellers, face painters for children and prepares yummy ‘merenda’ snacks for everybody!

For a full day of fun for you and your children come to Bellavista Sunday 02nd December 2012.

Booking at 347-3094930