Saturday 7th September, the Festival of Carraia District will start!

Many people will come to Peccioli on that day to taste local food and good wine.

We are waiting for you!


The Strawberry of Terricciola


Perhaps many people do not know that Terricciola, as well as for its wine, is also famous for another product: the Strawberry!
Every year, in May, takes place the Strawberry Festival of Terricciola: an event very famous throughout Tuscany and that attracts a lot of people!
The event is dedicated to all ruddy and juicy seasonal fruit, eaten fresh or as a delicious ingredient of creative dishes and savory, such as risotto with strawberries.
For those who love good food and want to spend a spring day outdoors, the Strawberry Festival is the most suitable occasion. In addition to strawberries, on sale at the booths set up for the festival, you can taste the wine from local producers to be matched to the typical dishes of Tuscan cooking of the food stand. Soup, grilled meat, white beans, sweet strawberry: these are just some of the proposals of the festival. To these will be added to the delicious pizzas, cooked in a wood oven dell’Angolo Pizzeria open every Saturday and Sunday from 21.00 .
In addition to the pleasures of the table, tourists and visitors will appreciate the beauty of the landscape of the Era, in which is inserted the ancient village of Terricciola. Among the green of olive groves and vineyards of the Pisan hills stands the bell tower of the church, which today attracts attention as it once did the towers that dotted the area. From the Latin “Turris” is derived the name Terricciola, which testifies to the presence of the defense structures in medieval times. The territory, subject to the bishop of Volterra, was long fought between Pisa and Florence, as noted by the arms of the cross country half and half lily.

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In September don’t miss “Feste Rionali” in Peccioli !

Every year in Peccioli every Saturday of September are dedicated to the Feste Rionali (local parties)

The 4 districts of Peccioli – Fosso, Mexico, Carraia and Borgherucci – along with the village of Montecchio celebrate an annual festival every Saturday in September with a great dinner in the streets and alleys of the town based on typical local cuisine.

The event is accompanied by street performances, squares used as a dance floor, bar and eating corners in every corner of the village and a lot of people!

The village is closed to traffic and it is recommended to arrive early for dinner because given the success of the latest editions you should be too much time in a row.

Don’t miss it!

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The Festival of Cherry in Lari


If you like cherries, you can’t miss this Festival !

This is one of the oldest Festival n Tuscany, and usually takes place in Lari between the last week of May and the first weekend of June.

In the historical center are organized many artistic and cultural events, but the real star is, of course, the cherry !.

In the main square are set up market stalls and local producers not only provide baskets of fresh cherries, but also products such as jams and liqueurs, which are obtained from this red sweet fruit .
All combined with great food, musical entertainment and night markets.

The peculiarities of the soil and climate of the Pisan hills form the basis for this variety of fruit, unique in its kind.

The cherry cultivation in Lari has a secular tradition:

think that in this romantic village are grown even 19 different kinds of cherries!



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