New Year’s Eve in Peccioli

End of year party in Peccioli dancing and laughter !

Comic musical evening in the streets of the historic center

The Proloco Peccioli in collaboration with the Municipality is preparing to toast the arrival of 2014 with the usual festival that will take place in the streets of the historic center starting at 22:30 and midnight fireworks will light up with a fireworks display auspicious .

At the center of Piazza del Popolo, where the party will be the protagonists of the evening will be comedian and impersonator Amedeo Ceppini the orchestra show Sonia Borghesi , with a repertoire that spans all genres of music . For fans of ballroom dancing , the festival pecciolese store for an evening of dancing with the duo ” Ornella and Saints ” at the Multipurpose Center preceded by a delicious dinner in the same premises .

To reach the city center in addition to the multi-storey car park in Via Mazzini will set up a free bus shuttle from 22.30 at 4:00 am with departure from the hotel parking Portavaldera .

For more information contact the tourist office at no. 0587 / 672 088 Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 15.00 to 19.00.


9-10 ; 16-17 ; 23-24 November 2013 : 43rd Exhibition of White Truffle of San Miniato

foto_principale_1361277785_tartufo1The first Festival of the White Truffle of San Miniato was held on the 26th of October 1969 in Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) and after a break of two years (surely meant to understand the potential of this valuable product) it has been held every year since then.
Over the years the festival has grown tremendously and has become today an internationally recognized exhibition: together with the White Truffle, always the star of the festivities, other local products such as wine, cheese and cold cuts are displayed and this makes these three November weekends an important showcase for our area.
Today we celebrate the 43rd anniversary of this enchanting festival. San Miniato has managed to preserve the richness of popular traditions which allows tourists to experience old Tuscan emotions and memories. During the festival a prize is given to the biggest truffle and to the oldest truffle hunter. Also traders display their products, various associations are involved in “feeding the wayfarers” with old-time recipes; the farms offer comfortable accommodations in old farmhouses and all this gives visitors the true taste of the area and a longing to relive the experience next year again.

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The Villas in Valdera…

The discovery of the territories and landscapes of Valdera can only lead you to a visit to his aristocratic villas, real architectural jewels:

Villa Camugliano


It ‘s situated 3 km along the road leading from Ponsacco to Volterra and is the most important villa of the pisan inland,a true princely residence.
It was built in 1532 by Alessandro and Cosimo de ‘Medici in memory of the establishment of their government in Florence.
Like other Tuscan villas, it also combines military and residential elements:
it was a bulwark of defense against the insurrections of Pisa.
Inside there are several lounges filled with frescoes and sculptures of a certain value, a large room with wooden ceiling and square golden dome is embellished with frescoes by Gerolamo Mengozzi, a disciple of GB Tiepolo.
In the middle of a large park, not accessible to the public, is located a statue of Hercules killing the Hydra.
Access to the villa is through a long avenue lined with plane trees.
Among its illustrious guests we remember Pope Pius IX, who lived there in August 1857 on his way from Pisa to Volterra and King Vittorio Emanuele III.
It currently houses an Agriturismo.

Villa Baciocchi


It is also known as “The Castle” because it is standing  on the ruins of a Counts of Gherardesca’s castle, Villa Bourbon del Monte, already Baciocchi, was later restored.
It was the Gambacorti ‘s, the Marquis Pucci’s and Elisa Baciocchi’s( Napoleon’s sister) property.

The present building of the late eighteenth-century Baroque style with neoclassical motifs, houses The Zoological Museum on the ground floor, where you can observe many decorative frescoes, while on the second floor (archaeological section) you can admire the finds discovered during excavations in the area.
Worthy of note is also the park, full of exotic trees  ..
At Villa Baciocchi is also located the Center of the Archaeological Record that exposes the result of excavations carried out by the Archaeological Tectiana Association.
It’s divided into two sections: the first sets out the history of the territory of the municipalities of the High Valdera with panels and small finds from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages;
the second section presents Etruscan finds coming from necropolis located in the area, with displays of urns and a life-size reproduction of an Etruscan tomb discovered in Montevaso, in the municipality of Chianni.

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The Grape of Valdera


The Valdera region  is characterized by intense agricultural activity including the production of a particular wine: St. Torpè DOC , a white pisan white wine made ​​with the Trebbiano grape which is also used to produce the famous Vin Santo.

The name “San Torpè ” refers to a Pisan martyr whose body was given to the sea,and landed on the French coast, in the village that since then is called Saint Tropez.

The real peculiarity of the area is the very precious Colombana Grape of Peccioli that the legend connects to the passage of the holy pilgrim mentioned in the name: it has  golden color, long and very sweet grains and once it was popular for its healing and detoxifying.

Every year, in October, Peccioli celebrates the Saint Colombano Festival : a very authentic feast that takes place in the historical center of the village and usually includes many gastronomical and musical events .

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The Chocolate ..


When we talk about “Chocolate Valley” many people think of exotic places, maybe in tropical countries where cocoa is produced…

…But the Chocolate Valley  is nothing more than Tuscany : it’s that part of Tuscany beginning from the province of Pisa till Prato, including the area of Arezzo and Siena.

This is an area which has become famous in recent years due to the birth of many industries chocolate of the highest quality, full of artisans capable of achieving excellent products based on cocoa and chocolate, which have become world famous and sought-despite the very limited production.

The most famous names of the “Valley of Chocolate” are Slitti of Montecatini Terme, Catinari of Agliana, Mannori and Signorini of Prato, Amedei of Pontedera, De Bondt in Pisa.


To live a new experience in descovering the origins and the secrets of the different cocoa blends:

Enjoy yourself!