Garmugia tuscan soup, all the nutrients you need in one plate

If you are looking for a dish that is nutritious, healthy and balanced the Garmugia is for you.

This soup is made mainly with spring vegetables, and we are not here to tell you all the good properties beneficial for your health that come from artichokes, broad beans, sweet peas and asparagus, but the combination is surely very tasty.

This is an ancient recipe that in Tuscany was once very popular in the farmer’s households of Lucca area, now you can taste it in many restaurants in the northern part of the region.

Here the recipe as we know it by our grandparents:

Ingredients (for 4 people):

200 gr of fresh sweet peas

200 gr of fresh broad beans

4 (good size) artichokes

200 gr of asparagus

3 spring onions

200 gr of minced meat

80 gr of pancetta (not smoked bacon)

1 Lt of vegetable or beef stock

4 slices of tuscan bread

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil



Wash and rinse all the vegetables. Slice finely the spring onions, discard the outer harder leaves of artichokes and slice them, cut broad beans in half, chop asparagus discarding the bottom harder part.

In a saucepan sautee spring onions with olive oil and pancetta on high for a couple of mins, then add the minced meat stirring for one more minute.

Now add all the vegetables, stir for 2 more mins and add the stock, salt to taste, let it simmer for about 45 mins checking density, if too thick add some boiling water. Toast the bread slices.

Let it rest for at least an hour (best if prepared half a day in advance).

Serve warm with the bread slice in the dish bottom, a good glass of tuscan red wine, and …Buon Appetito.



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