Can you say “Cheese” ? Then Pecorino Toscano is for you

For those who appreciate the tastes and flavors that the world of cheeses can offer, the tuscan pecorino represents a must to try.



Sheep cheese comes from a very old food tradition in Tuscany where the Etruscans used to make it and consume it as a regular part of their daily diet.

In time, thanks to the generous pastures in the region, shepherds presence grew, driving many to turn their activity to dairy production, specialized in the milk transformation to cheese.

Today Pecorino Toscano is a DOP protected trademark (Protected Designation of Origin) by the European Commission, this guarantees that the product, a cheese with a soft semi-firm consistency, is made according to the rules fixed in Regulations that state its requirements, and ensures that tuscan sheep cheese is only made in Tuscany from sheep breeding to the final piece of cheese.

From a full-fat sheep’s milk cooked curdle then pressed and salted, pecorino toscano goes under an ageing process that promotes delicate aromas and flavors. It ‘s available fresh with about 3 weeks age but mostly preferred a few months old.


All around Tuscany this cheese is cured with different aging tecniques. like wrapping it in chestnut’s leaves, brushing with evo oil and herbs or tomato paste, left in oak casks.

Ways to taste pecorino are numerous, just by itself to enjoy the full palate that it express, with honey or jams, fresh fruits, ham, a typical old one is to combine the fresh cheese with green broad beans (baccelli) in springtime.

Well, if you are ready to see the real thing, how is made and try some in a typical farm, see here for a tuscan cheese tasting tour that will make you want for more!



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