A tuscan wedding

A dream that comes true, in the country of love, passion, style and fashion, yearning the perfect time of your life.

A wedding in Tuscany, a remarkable place, an atmosphere that breathes of historical charm, old-fashioned villages, culture and traditions, among superb scenery and landscapes, castles and wineries, great food.


Choosing the land that inspired arts masters like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Puccini and many more great artists is like electing your experience to a lifetime landmark under the tuscan sun.

In order to have everything perfect you need to plan well, organize and make a detailed list.

wedding table

Select the venue, consult for ideas. think about setting and decorations, arrange accommodation for you and your guests, logistics and transportation, choose hairdresser and make up service, photo or filming service, documents and paperwork, reception details, food and drink, music, and more to your wish.

wedding ceremony

The focus of the attention to make everything right is “people”, you, Bride and Groom, and your guests, and most important you need someone who take all the stress load from you and looks after everything.

A special help to all this is offered by the experienced thorough service of Friendly Weddings, wedding planners in Tuscany, with their original and unconventional approach to an authentic involvement and participation that can make you live memorable times. If you goal is a glorious unforgettable experience made of magical moments that will remain in you hearts forever, rely on them and look no more.

Contact them  +39 0587 672088     info@ariannandfriends.com



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