The panigaccio is a type of round bread , unleavened , baked in a special clay pot , called “Testo”, a red-hot fire in a fire or in a wood-burning oven . A batter of flour , water and salt is interposed between a text and the other , to form a stack . The final consistency is soft or crunchy , depending on the cooking time.

You can enjoy with meats, soft cheeses like gorgonzola soft cheese ee , or with various sauces , from the mushroom pesto . The most appropriate way to taste with sauces is to boil them once cooled , pour the sauce and serve them , creating an original dish first . In some restaurants there is a variant of Lunigiana ” sweet ” is used to end the meal with chocolate spread .
The panigacci have very ancient origins , are widespread in the Lunigiana and have born in the country of Podenzana , where he formed a consortium among the restaurant owners, to maintain the old flavor of this simple product.
 In World War II , when the Germans destroyed a bridge linking the town of Podenzana with the rest of the region , the inhabitants of the town survived by eating panigacci made ​​with flour of chestnuts and acorns.
They are made with water, flour and salt and are prepared by mixing the ingredients until you have a smooth batter.
This batter is then poured in the pots, previously left red-hot over a high heat , typically in a campfire or in a wood-burning oven . When they are hot to red heat , are taken out  from the oven and allowed to cool a little then is made to a stack of pots, in such a way that standing in the middle of the batter is cooked on both sides.


Ingredients for 4 people:


250 g of wheat flour type ‘0 ‘
250 g of wheat flour
1 pinch of salt abundant
Approximately 600-700 ml of water

Mix the two flours with the salt and gradually add water, stirring with a whisk so that the dough is quite fluid and smooth as that of crepes.
Let rest at least an hour and give additional shuffling.
Heat a non-stick pan for good and add the batter with a spoon. The layer should not be too thin, but not too high.

Cook for 5-10 minutes until the bottom surface of the panigaccio does not detach from the pan and becomes crumbly and slightly scorched, similar to that of the bread. If you need to prepare many you should put on fire at least 2 pans.
Turn to the other side and cook for another 2-3 minutes.


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