The Carnival of Santa Croce sull’Arno


Floats, masks and streamers : Carnival started ! In every part of the province of Pisa gives rise to spectacular parades and festivals , and every country has its own traditions . The oldest is the Carnival of Santa Croce : a genuine popular festival in which the creativity and imagination of of Santa Croce create unique masks for beauty and originality. The four masked groups ( Il Nuovo Astro, La Lupa, La Nuova Luna and Gli SpensieratiĀ ) are committed to the utmost with their sumptuous costumes covered in sequins , parading in the main square in a profusion of colors and choreography.

The parade of Santa Croce dates back to 1928 , when some villagers decided to masquerade to liven up the gray winter days . In those days there was no television and radio sets were few and a dozen or so friends led by Caesar Pacchiani did take to the streets floats and one thousand masks. At seventy years later the spirit has not changed. The tradition has been handed down from father to son , or rather, from mother to daughter in ’28 , the wagons were the great-grandmothers of the pretty girls who will dance and dance today . It is not a trivial party masks and floats but a real “show” : a swirl of glittering costumes and colors placed in sets accurate.

In 2014 the Carnival of Santa Croce will be staged on Sunday, February 16 , Sunday, February 23 and Sunday, March 2nd


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