Cacciucco (Fish Soup)




About the etymology of the word “caciucco”,  is expected to come from the turkish word kürkük ( small fry )  that means small fish soup ,or it could be born from the Spanish “cachuco” , a word that identifies the fish in general , but also a certain kind of red snapper . There are many versions of the fish soup , from Follonica , from Viareggio , octopus etc. .

Here’s the recipe for you!

For 6 people

800 gr. octopus
700 gr. of squid and cuttlefish
450 gr. of shellfish such as prawns or shrimps or prawns
450 gr. of dogfish
300 gr. of redfish
700 gr. of tomatoes
40 gr. of tomato paste
1 glass and 1/2 of red wine
1 glass and 1/2 oil
5 cloves of garlic


In a saucepan , heat half of the oil rather large , gild three cloves of garlic , sage and pepper. Add the fish before putting the octopus , cuttlefish and squid , cook for , add the dogfish and after a few minutes , pour in the wine and the tomato paste diluted in a little water and cook for about 30 minutes. In a small saucepan over seasoned chopped celery in remaining oil and a clove of garlic , then add the scorpion fish , tomatoes peeled , seeded and chopped , a bit ‘ of water and simmer for about 20 minutes.
Then decant the contents into the pan just big and molluscs are almost cooked , add the shellfish selected after 2-3 minutes and set aside .
Toast the slices of bread, rub with the remaining clove of garlic , arrange around the platter in the center and pour in the fish soup . Or  break bread and fish soup into six bowls singles.

Enjoy your meal!

If you want to learn how to cook Cacciucco,click here


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