Lari, 29th September 2013 : the Reenactment 2013


The Castle and the village of Lari come back again for 500 years, until the sixteenth century. This time, following the theme of a society divided between those who chose the contemplative life, the life of the soldier and that of manual labor. Company now at sunset, but whose influence was still heavy.

We will find that the monks preachers, intent in their work of conversion and moralization, blacksmiths intent on building weapons and armor, processing of wax and tissue along with many other craftsmen. The Castle will host the course bellatores, warriors, intent on practice duels with the sword and to explain their weaponry to the participants. On the terraces will make their appearance early models of cannons and arquebuses,

The village will be animated by numerous artisans and crafts stalls that will illustrate now disappeared, such as the processing of the wax, and others are still alive, like the blacksmith or the butcher.

Falconry show at 17:30

See you Sunday, September 29 from 15 to 19 in Lari : don’t miss this special and beautiful event !




For more Information:

Cultural Association ” Il Castello”
piazza del Castello, 1 – 56035 Lari (PI)

cell. 334.3963782 – fax 0587.687049/0587.684138


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