Theatre of Silence, 2013 : Andrea still enchants!



….The spotlight is off, the stage and the bleachers of the Teatro Del Silenzio were disassembled, the stars have left Lajatico and the natural amphitheater dell’Uccelliera is coming back to dominate the Silence, broken only by the singing of cicadas. And so, this edition of the Teatro del Silenzio, the eighth, ended with a great success by counting over ten thousand visitors in one night, those nights you wish would never end. Our Andrea Bocelli has enchanted once again with his beautiful voice and his style is truly the voice of God? Then how not to mention the extraordinary Riccardo Cocciante, who with his songs brings chills to generations, or the majesty of Giorgio Albertazzi, who with his voice seemed one with the wonderful nature of the place. Lajatico slowly returns to normal, that normality that sees Andrea Bocelli walking the streets and greet his neighbors and friends forever.
This is also Lajatico, a unique place!

If you want to organize your holiday  package for the next Andrea Bocelli’s concert and or the rehearsal in 2014 please contact:


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