The Chocolate ..


When we talk about “Chocolate Valley” many people think of exotic places, maybe in tropical countries where cocoa is produced…

…But the Chocolate Valley  is nothing more than Tuscany : it’s that part of Tuscany beginning from the province of Pisa till Prato, including the area of Arezzo and Siena.

This is an area which has become famous in recent years due to the birth of many industries chocolate of the highest quality, full of artisans capable of achieving excellent products based on cocoa and chocolate, which have become world famous and sought-despite the very limited production.

The most famous names of the “Valley of Chocolate” are Slitti of Montecatini Terme, Catinari of Agliana, Mannori and Signorini of Prato, Amedei of Pontedera, De Bondt in Pisa.


To live a new experience in descovering the origins and the secrets of the different cocoa blends:

Enjoy yourself!


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