Ceramics and Pottery : an ancient tradition of tuscan craftsmanship …


In Tuscany, the ceramic is part of an ancient tradition of craftsmanship. Do you think that the findings of the Etruscan tombs are often present finds of pottery, almost always decorated. Think of terracotta as artistic use, this aspect is certainly not a prerogative of Tuscany, but when we talk about ceramic or terracotta artthe thought can not go to the Florentine family that from 1460, the first decades of the ‘500 has artistically enriched many churches in Tuscany, and not with works in ceramics: the Della Robbia.
Without going to such a high level, Tuscany is still full of potters. Craftsmen in their back, or any other means, work the land by hand, this is a classical batch process begins to become ceramic. They can come out of the hands of a potter infinity of objects: cups, vases, plates, lamps and many other home accessories. When these ceramics have special shapes or have been finely decorated it comes to artistic ceramics.
One of the most renowned town for its ¬†traditional ceramics is Montelupo Fiorentino which is very closed to us…




For more information about art & crafts classes in Montelupo:



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