Did you know that …?

The wine,  with the bread and the oil, has always been a main ingredient in this land and The first people who started to cultivate vines in this region were the Etruscans, from the eighth century BC.

From Greece, already between 700 and 800 BC, the wine was produced in the whole Etruria, and from there it was exported in various regions of the Mediterranean.

At that time there could still be drunk frank, because strong, had to be mixed with water, using large vessels with large openings that allow it to take it out easily.

It was the only drink reserved for symposia and banquets and was served by numerous slaves with jars or in jugs of various shapes.

This culture of the wine and the grape has never been abandoned in Tuscany and it is these experienced hands to have given birth to Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino.


Bread  in Tuscany has a unique and original feature: it’s without salt.

Do you know why?

The reason is to be found in the twelfth century, when Pisa, in rivalry with Florence, stopped the trade of this ingredient to the the “Lilied City”.

This difficulty in finding it, in addition to the cost of it, meant that the Florentines would take the decision to do without the salt in bread making.

But then, to think of it, they did not make a great effort to decide so: in fact, with all the richness of flavors they have, there would be no need to have salt bread,wouldn’t there..?


Do you know how the name  “Tuscany” was born …?

The area between the Arno and the Tiber was the land of the Etruscans or Tuschi during the pre-Roman era .
The name of the region at that time was Etruria or Tuscia.
Subsequently from Tuscia was formed the name of Tuscany.




If you want to discover Tuscany and its culture from a genuine point of view:



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