Panforte – Typical tuscan festivity cake




1 kg of honey
1 kg of little cubes of candid orange peels
1 kg of little cubes of candid citron peels
2 kg of peeled almonds (or toasted hazelnuts or both)
200 gr of white flour
mixed spices: cinnamon, coriander and black pepper
sugar powder



Put the honey in a pan and cook it at a high heat until it starts boiling. Take it out of the heat and add the candid fruits, the almonds, pour the flower and the spices and let it cool down a bit. Take a circular tin of about 20 cm of diameter and cover the bottom and the sides with wafer. Pour the mixture into the tin and press well with your hands to make it compact. Add sugar powder and press it well into the cake. Make sure the cake is about 2 cm thick. Put the tine into the over at 120° C for about 30 minutes. When ready let it cool down and spread some sugar powder on top. Serve cold.

The Castle of Lari see the world with Pasta


To understand the secret of the success of Pasta Martelli ther’s only one way: take the car and climb the hills of Lari (small village in the Era Valley, near Pisa)) up to the fortress of the castle and knock on the neighbor across the door, that is of the pasta factory with the unmistakable yellow signs!

Only the members of the family work in the pasta factory.
They combine long years of professionalism with the passion for keeping up the Italian craft tradition of making pasta.

Come to Lari, : we will show you how we produce our pasta!

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The Strawberry of Terricciola


Perhaps many people do not know that Terricciola, as well as for its wine, is also famous for another product: the Strawberry!
Every year, in May, takes place the Strawberry Festival of Terricciola: an event very famous throughout Tuscany and that attracts a lot of people!
The event is dedicated to all ruddy and juicy seasonal fruit, eaten fresh or as a delicious ingredient of creative dishes and savory, such as risotto with strawberries.
For those who love good food and want to spend a spring day outdoors, the Strawberry Festival is the most suitable occasion. In addition to strawberries, on sale at the booths set up for the festival, you can taste the wine from local producers to be matched to the typical dishes of Tuscan cooking of the food stand. Soup, grilled meat, white beans, sweet strawberry: these are just some of the proposals of the festival. To these will be added to the delicious pizzas, cooked in a wood oven dell’Angolo Pizzeria open every Saturday and Sunday from 21.00 .
In addition to the pleasures of the table, tourists and visitors will appreciate the beauty of the landscape of the Era, in which is inserted the ancient village of Terricciola. Among the green of olive groves and vineyards of the Pisan hills stands the bell tower of the church, which today attracts attention as it once did the towers that dotted the area. From the Latin “Turris” is derived the name Terricciola, which testifies to the presence of the defense structures in medieval times. The territory, subject to the bishop of Volterra, was long fought between Pisa and Florence, as noted by the arms of the cross country half and half lily.

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The Grape of Valdera


The Valdera region  is characterized by intense agricultural activity including the production of a particular wine: St. Torpè DOC , a white pisan white wine made ​​with the Trebbiano grape which is also used to produce the famous Vin Santo.

The name “San Torpè ” refers to a Pisan martyr whose body was given to the sea,and landed on the French coast, in the village that since then is called Saint Tropez.

The real peculiarity of the area is the very precious Colombana Grape of Peccioli that the legend connects to the passage of the holy pilgrim mentioned in the name: it has  golden color, long and very sweet grains and once it was popular for its healing and detoxifying.

Every year, in October, Peccioli celebrates the Saint Colombano Festival : a very authentic feast that takes place in the historical center of the village and usually includes many gastronomical and musical events .

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The Chocolate ..


When we talk about “Chocolate Valley” many people think of exotic places, maybe in tropical countries where cocoa is produced…

…But the Chocolate Valley  is nothing more than Tuscany : it’s that part of Tuscany beginning from the province of Pisa till Prato, including the area of Arezzo and Siena.

This is an area which has become famous in recent years due to the birth of many industries chocolate of the highest quality, full of artisans capable of achieving excellent products based on cocoa and chocolate, which have become world famous and sought-despite the very limited production.

The most famous names of the “Valley of Chocolate” are Slitti of Montecatini Terme, Catinari of Agliana, Mannori and Signorini of Prato, Amedei of Pontedera, De Bondt in Pisa.


To live a new experience in descovering the origins and the secrets of the different cocoa blends:

Enjoy yourself!

The Bread of Montegemoli ….”comes” from Peccioli


…One of the most important product of our area is..the Bread of Montegemoli, a typical homemade bread  baked for the first time in 1986 in Montegemoli … small but charming medieval village in the heart of Tuscany, not far from Volterra.

This is a peasant-made ​​bread,completely handmade, that preserves the principles and features of good bread of the Tuscan countryside of the twentieth century 

And guess what … : .. this bread flour is produced exclusively from the ancient  Artisan Mill Messerini, in operation since 1890 in Fabbrica, near Peccioli  !

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The good wine of Terricciola…


Along the Wine Route of the Pisan Hills , there is a place which is one of the most popular of Tuscany : Terricciola, the “City of Wine  “ .


A lot of wineries are waiting for you and you can visit them with the owners and… at the end of your “tour” …. you will taste the wine Chianti  and  IGT ,white and red


It ‘s not a coincidence that every second and third weekend in September since the 1960s the streets of this town host the traditional Festa dell’Uva e del Vino (Grape and Wine festival). 

Other wine related dates are Calici di Stelle (Chalices of Stars) on 10 August, the night of San Lorenzo, and “Cantine Aperte” or Open Cellars (last Sunday in May).

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42nd Exhibition of White Truffle of San Miniato: 10/11 – 17/18 – 24/25 November 2012



Here we are to celebrate the “King”  : the White Truffle of San Miniato whose quality is recognized as number one in the world.

We are in the heart of Tuscany and here you can find this kind of Truffle which will find its full ripeness and its maximum goodness right in this period. This is the reason why the National Exhibition will take place in the same period every year. This is the 42nd edition and together with the white truffle you will appreciate the best of Italian excellence. The chefs will have an over two kilometers of open laboratory of taste most important in Italy, where the typical products meet the more than one hundred thousand visitors expected from all over Italy to learn the latest trends in kitchen and new alliances of taste . A real festival of knowledge and flavors where gourmets and visitors gather to appreciate the excellence of.

Truffle hunters with their dogs champion will compete in the heart of Tuscany, along the Via Francigena, in a magical land in a pristine environment and from September 10, opening day of the collection of the White Truffle of San Miniato, to find in forests valuable nuggets and try to break the record of Arturo Gallerini. Since 1954, his record stands, since the hills of San Miniato Truffle found the world’s largest. He weighed 2520 grams.

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