Mauro Staccioli frames Volterra


Mauro Staccioli is an Italian artist who was born in Volterra in 1937. Although during his life Staccioli moved from his native town to Milan and had many of his major artistic experiences far from his home (in Italy but also in Germany, UK, US, Israel, South Korea, France, …), he will often come back to his town, whose native, fascinating environment will continue to influence his work and his creative imagination. 

In July 1972 Enrico Crispolti organized the solo show “Sculture in Città” (‘Sculptures in Town‘) in Volterra, and at that time Staccioli was working on his artistical point of view that linked his works to the city’s landscape, but it’s only in year 2010 that this link between the artist’s imagination and the rough Volterranean panorama is tied.


In 2010, on the hills neighbouring Volterra, the artist presented his new environmental art works “Luoghi d’Esperienza 1972-2009” (‘Sites of Experience 1972-2009‘): cyclopic geometrical shapes (circles, triangles, ellipses, waves) made up in iron or concrete, in red or in white that stands framing the hills around Volterra, and take us to consider from a new perspective the (un)usual landscape.


These frames are the artist’s point of view and with his works Staccioli imposes us to change our own point of view when we’re looking to the landscape. The shapes don’t just frame the hills, they’re also creating a new point of view for something we already know: our sight is forced to focus our attention to the scene, to contemplate the view that opens within them, to retrace the steps of the peasants and the memory of the artist.

Some of these works are still visible in the area around Volterra, check this map.

Do not miss Staccioli’s work and the lovely city of Volterra with our guided tours and our accomodations in Volterra!

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