The Ghost Town of Toiano

Castled on the Tuscan hills between the badlands that repeatedly transform the landscape with their landslips, near to Volterra and Palaia, we meet the ghost town of Toiano delle Brota, that’s accessible throughout a road surrounded by tuff pillars similar to cathedral’s columns and high also 50 meters. The road ends in the village, and it used to be a drawbrige that protected the hamlet during the Middle Ages.

Like many other villages in Tuscany, Toiano underwent to a process of abandonment after the Sixties of the last century, when the growth of industries in the cities, and the connected availability of new employments, lead to the desertion of the rural areas.

Tracing back its origins to the Middle Ages, Toiano reached its acme in 19th century, when it was inhabited by 500 people, and even if today is deserted by visiting its houses – with the bottles of wine, the toys of the kids still waiting for their owners and the 1950s calendars hanging by the walls –  it seems that someone could be coming back at any time. The old town had its own church which today is deconsacrated and that was plundered over the years, adding to the visit some melancholy and some regret for the good old days.

To protect the village from neglect and ruin, the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) added the village to the list of the “Loved Places” to be saved.

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(Pics by Bargagnatura)



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